And Yet, Walker Art Center, colab JK Keller, 2011
Swing Hall, Swing All, MCAD, 2012
Retooling Crayons, 2015–ongoing
Douballoon, Excerpt from the Objects of Codependency, 2015–ongoing
Me We, NYTimes, art directed by Alexandra Zsigmond, 2015
The Anonymous Hugging Wall, 2007–ongoing
Hall of Fragments, Venice Architecture Biennale, LAB at Rockwell, 2008
Digital Design Theory, Princeton Architectural Press, 2015
Plug-In-Play, 01SJ Biennial, LAB at Rockwell, 2010
JetBlue Halo at JFK, LAB at Rockwell, 2008
Swatch Watches, 2011
Amazing Mistake, Good Magazine, 2011