keetra dean dixon


Wonder Kept: Wonder Capsule Series

– Capsule appears to be empty
– When opened a magical sound plays
– Capsule immediately begins recording – capturing the sound of the opener’s response
– Each time the capsule is reopened, the original opener’s response plays

2006. This series is an attempt to encapsulate & record moments of surprise & wonder. Wonder Kept: Wonder Capsule Series #1 recontextualizes familiar forms & sounds of surprise & reward from childhood. The capsules are placed in public spaces to be discovered OR released at events. When opened at an event/in the gallery space, the recipient has a choice to KEEP or SHARE their capsule, which now holds an audio record of their response. If they choose to SHARE, their capsule is resealed & placed in a box bearing their signature. The new opener’s response will be layered over the original recipient’s recording.