keetra dean dixon


Museum As Manufacturer

An installation at the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC; 3/12/2013 – 6/09/2013

This working fabrication model echos the dynamic nature of online content in a physical space. The 3D printing tower pulls from an ongoing feed of digital 3D files, building and feeding the final objects onto a slow moving conveyor. A selection of 400-800 objects will be produced in miniature over the course of 3 months. As objects exit the conveyor, they are collected and displayed in racks above the fabrication space.

Museum as Manufacturer will display Disruptions 3/12/2013 – 6/09/2013
A slowly evolving exhibit of digital artifacts reflecting the disruptive nature of contemporary emergent technologies and unanticipated authorship.

Disruptions 1; Disruptive Application:
Files that demonstrate the disruptive nature of 3D printing.
scalable prostheses
– adaptor parts to allow different brands of children’s construction toys to interconnect
– customizable product kits

Disruptions 2; Unexpected Evolutions:
Digital files and physical output which demonstrate how the medium influences future form & function.
– influential structural restrictions and technological glitches
– physical translations of digitally native content

Disruptions 3; Autopilot Authorship:
Featuring computational authorship and accidental collaborations resulting from unmanned influences and controls.
– forms produces by mathematic formula, biomimicry, genetic algorithms, and parametric software
– computational mergers of 3D content shared through online resources

Disruptions 4; OPEN + Autopilot Authorship + Unexpected Evolutions + Disruptive Application
Building upon the previously explored themes, the MAD audience is invited to share 3D digital content through an online exchange. Democratized content will be filtered, united and transformed computationally before being manufactured onsite and displayed in the Museum as Manufactures collection.


Credit for documentation and depicted objects to be added soon.
Objects sources from online compendiums were credited on site with author name, handle and url source.