keetra dean dixon


Hall of Fragments with the LAB at Rockwell Group

2008. Rockwell Group’s LAB designed the entrance installation to the Venice Architecture Biennale exhibit in the Corderie dell’Arsenale, in collaboration with Reed Kroloff and Casey Jones. This “Hall of Fragments” introduced visitors to the theme of the biennale, disengaging them from the city’s traditional bricks-and-mortar by creating an immersive environment of digital visions and fragments of iconic films. When visitors entered, they were confronted with a glowing hourglass-shape passage of moving imagery created by two giant convex screens onto which geometric distortions of film clips were projected. The fragmented compositions of the films—Wizard of Oz, 2001 A Space Odyssey, and The Fountainhead, among them—grew and evolved in response to the position, movement, and density of visitors, resulting in a different and new environment every time.

Principals: David Rockwell with Casey Jones and Reed Kroloff
Design Team: Tucker Viemeister, Keetra Dean Dixon, James Tichenor, Joshua Walton, Zach Gage, Craig Negoescu, Thomas Haggerty

For more information go to the LAB at Rockwell Group site.